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Plan. Save.
Grow Your 

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Take the stress out of managing money with Wealth Watcher Pro. Effortlessly improve your financial health, save more, and spend less with this simple, free tool from YourOwn

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Get Control Of Your Finances  

This user-friendly tool helps you understand and track your monthly and yearly savings, accounting for expenses on housing, cars, and more. Easily see where your money is going and gain insights on how to improve your financial health.



Comprehensive Tracking

Manage up to three jobs and over 20 expenses, providing precise estimates of monthly and yearly savings to improve your financial planning.


Mortgage Calculator

Enter the expected purchase price, rate, downpayment, and term to immediately see your monthly payment and savings impact.


Car Payment Calculator

Input your estimated price, interest rate, down payment, and loan term to calculate your monthly payment to see if it aligns with your financial goals.

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