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5 Benefits of Owning Your Financial Data

Updated: May 14

As individuals, we often face frustration sharing personal financial information repeatedly. Institutions lack data portability, exposing us to privacy risks, identity theft, and countless hours wasted on paperwork.

But what if you owned your financial data and controlled access on your terms? You could seamlessly verify income, assets, credit and identity when needed to achieve your goals faster.

Here are 5 benefits of owning your data:

  1. Speed - Instantly share your financial data for mortgages, apartment rentals, loans, and advice without hassles. This can shave days off applications and services rendered.

  2. Security - Your sensitive information stays private until you approve sharing. Owning your personal encryption key ensures you are the only one that can access and keeps it secure from breaches.

  3. Convenience - Key financial data auto-updates. No more gathering documents and re-submitting manually over and over.

  4. Control - Select exactly what details are shared to protect privacy. Easily audit and track who, what, where and when.

  5. Insights - Comprehensive financial view helps you and advisors improve your financial health.

To enjoy these benefits, look for platforms like YourOwn enabling self-custody of your information using personal encryption keys. Be wary of those owning your data without transparency.

Owning your financial data means taking charge of your identity, privacy, and opportunities. Share seamlessly on your terms and say goodbye to paperwork headaches!

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